Photographs of Armidale  Pioneers (click on thumbnail to see larger)

Alfred Macquarie Holland 1876-1965


Alfred Macquarie Holland 1876-1965 and his bride Violet may Branden

Arthur Adam  Menzies 1881-1950 and his
bride Emily Maria Layton

Adam Menzies 1852-1937

Right Rev. Arthur Vincent Green, Bishop of Grafton and Armidale 1894-1900


Booloominbah, Armidale, NSW ca 1900s.




Robert Pearson 1823-1903

Edward James Parry 1877-1912 and his bride Eleanor Jane Bullock 1884-1957

Franklin Jackes 1830-1884

Francis John White 1855-1934

Hanna Brown nee Watts 1816-1887

Holland Children

James Kellett Bullock 1852-1919 and his wife Emily Moore Bone 1846-1920

John Fletcher 1837-1924

John Potter 1851-1913

Johann (Thomas) Traugott Schaefer 1821-1907

Joseph Youman 1825/6 -1911

M Childs

Prob. Mary A Harvey Holland 1867-1942 (nee Coventry) wife of Robert John Holland

Margaret McPhail 1831-1925

Margaret Simpson 1858-1938 wife of Adam Menzies

Margaret Fletcher, wife of Francis John White


Richard Pearson 1859-1934 and his bride Eliza Saggers (Saggus) 1864-1952

Sarah Ann Key 1859-1934 wife of John Potter

Thomas Oliver key 1826-1905

Thomas Wright Lonsdale 1849-1928


James Douglas Turnbull 1833-1922 and his wife Esther Rathie 1844-1927

William Saggus (Saggers) 1820-1899 and his wife Caroline Ceasar 1835-1901


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